Sacramento Powered Paragliding

"Fly your dreams"

Sacramento Powered Paragliding

Have been inspired by a group of pilots around Northern California (aka SodFlyers) and their passion for Powered Paragliding.

As the sport continues to grow and draws more interest, we now offer USPPA certified training, Sales & Service for your all your powered paragliding needs. Come fly with us and experience flight with the ease of transport, ability to fly slow, high or low exploring more places you'd never thought possible.

A few of the original Sacppg / SodFlyers pilots at the Lincoln Powered Parachute Field 2016 Fly-in.


Powered Paragliding in Panama!

A visit to Panama for a quick foot launch refresher training. A short time there after, it was all flying fun. It was a powered paragliding pilots dream to have plenty of beaches to launch from, great restaurants, and friendly people. Thanks to Roberto, Adriana, and Edgar for their hospitality. 

Video by Adriana

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